‘A Family History Mystery’ in the New Era

October 2014 New Era

Youth […] helped design, build, and paint the set for “A Family History Mystery,” a class where attendees were given some basic information about a family and then were prompted by a series of questions to discover more. As they tweeted, texted, and posted answers, more hints were given, and at the end they traced three generations, explored a variety of primary sources, and pieced together a family story. Jeffrey S., 17, who helped with the set, says, “My favorite experience was working with adult leaders. I learned that the spirit of Elijah is strong.”

Texting, tweeting, apps, and a mystery that teaches about family heritage and leads to the temple—what more could you want?

By Judie Rawlin and Ramona Siddoway

click here to read full article in the October 2014 New Era: Leading Out on Family History

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